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The artist Kamy Raviv, creates her work under the name of “Yad Nee’ma”, after her late mother. It was Nee'ma Ravia who inspired and encouraged Kamy to develop her tapestry artwork.

As Kamy explains, ”It all began twelve years ago, after my mother suffered from a stroke. My mother, who ever since I remembered, was active and outgoing became bedstricken and dependent. I quit my job and devoted all my time and effort to take care of her. With the many hours and days of caring for my mother, the idea came to me: Judaic art of embroidery on velvet.”

Kamy’s work presents Judaic concepts which are unique. ChamsaThe artist credits her mother for this approach:” Having heard from her stories about her childhood in Iraq and the tales of her mother who also sewed and crocheted by hand, I decided to continue this family tradition.” Indeed, motifs of the ancient synagogues in Iraq – the heritage of the Babylonian Talmud, customs of the Shabbat table, songs, tunes, matchmaking, weddings and the timeless yearning for Eretz Israel all are the materials that Raviv uses in her work, mainly: The Watch Maker, The Jewish Wedding, The Shabbat Table and the Match Maker.

“The Watch Maker” includes 10 clocks, each one showing a different time, resembling the hastiness of our existence.

“The Jewish Wedding” portrays the joy of the musicians playing,The Jewish Wedding as reflected in the minds of the people celebrating, even in difficult times of pogroms and persecution.

“The Shabbat Table” presents a woman (that resembles Kamy’s Mother), lighting 7 candles, one for each day of the week.

“The Match Maker” shows scenes that were common in many Jewish communities in Europe and Asia, with all the tradition and culture.

Recent work by Raviv deals with more contemporary topics.

The artwork is completely hand-made using metallic yarns, beads and delicate cloths. The works are done individually, slowly and passionately, to portray their message and achieve the illusion of depth.

Kamy Raviv’s work has been sold throughout Israel, and in the United States her work is distributed by synagogues and private entrepreneurs. Recently, she has been invited to appear in several exhibitions.

Raviv adds:”Finally, I wish to thank G-d for having the wisdom and courage to develop my art. Also, I wish to thank my mother being the source and inspiration throughout my entire life and especially in the judaic tapestry and more.”

Kamy’s artwork can be seen on the following website:

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